Port Lincoln

After a long fourteen hour drive (for Ben) we finally arrived in Port Lincoln! We stayed in a free campsite for the night, that did ask for a $10 donation. However, as we had to leave very early in the morning, we didn’t see much point. Karma did find its way back to us for not doing this good deed though…

The first activity planned in this cute fishing town was shark cage diving (we’re crazy I know). It was a beautiful morning on the boat; we got to see a beautiful sunrise and dolphins even came for a wee swim with us:

We finally arrived at the ‘shark hotspot’ and dropped anchor. We suited up in a head to toe wetsuit, we looked very fetching, and headed straight into the cage. I went first as it looked a bit intimidating and the water was bloody freezing! Tash and Ben followed after; we hooked our feet under the pole, grabbed the cage and looked out into the deep blue for some sharks.


The tour that we booked with used rock music and other sound stimulants to attract the sharks. It was a much more humane and natural way to attract them, as the sounds cause them to be curious rather than want to attack, when baiting is involved.

There were an abundance of fish and jellyfish but no sharks; we went in out of the cage mainly to get our body heat back up and to fill our bellies with the amazing spread put on by the crew. During our third time in the cage, the group were pretty down and thought today wasn’t our day, it was pretty calm and there were a lot more fish to keep us occupied with. We were staring out as usual into nothing but dark blue water, very chilled at this point, when suddenly a shark came out of nowhere and swam right past us. It was so quick, that it was over in a second but the shock made me jump out of my skin and drop my phone. I saw my pal of an iPhone, in the cute wee Victoria’s Secret case, float all the way down into the deep blue sea. I was absolutely gutted. Remember how I said karma would get us for not paying that measly $10? Well I’ve learned my lesson now.

It was time to head back home, the crew and the other guests on the boat had a laugh/felt sorry for me for losing my phone; we ate more good food and chatted to the amazing staff. We were even offered free alcohol (which I got pished off of, obviously) and a half price sea lion trip, since the shark sitings weren’t the best. The staff loved sitting with us three – they loved us so much that one of the crew members offered us to stay as his house. I know it sounds creepy but in Australia everyone is so friendly and generous; he was going away for a few days and needed a house sitter; we were living in a van – so it worked out perfectly! His house was gorgeous, we couldn’t get over how kind and trusting he was.


The next day, we decided to see Port Lincoln, so the first stop was at a Fish Market where we ate snapper and chips – it was so fresh and delicious:


Next up was a hike up to see a 360 view of Port Lincoln, which I may have struggled doing but the views were worth it:


The next day was time for our sea lion trip, the staff weren’t as friendly but there were so many sea lions in comparison to sharks. We put our wetsuits on once again and jumped into the freezing water. This time we snorkled and actually got to swim with the sea lions. It was an amazing experience; to swim and play with cute animals in their own habitat, knowing that we weren’t disturbing any of nature.

Once again, it was time to head back to shore and get back on the road. We left the amazing Port Lincoln with so many memories and a big smile on our faces.

I made Ben stop on the way to Adelaide in a creepy town called Snowtown, which was infamous for the ‘bodies in barrels’ murders.


We quickly drove through an old, decrepit place, which did have an eerie vibe and then got out of there. I think I freaked Tash out with the news reports on the murders…

After that random stop, we were back on the road and ready to see what Adelaide had in store for us!


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