We arrived in another city! This time we ended up in Adelaide, all the way in South Australia.

It was time to say goodbye to our campervan, it was very a emotional and stressful time as cleaning it was a massive task (not to mention the rude Aussie bloke saying if we broke his equipment we’d be charged a lot of money). Next up was settling in to our Air BnB which was a wee hut at the end of a millionaires house. He was a very a strange person, quite up himself, but still kind. We got settled and then headed out for dinner. We went to a pub called TA Hotel and enjoyed a full, hearty meal. Tash and myself had steak and Ben had pork, we then each got pudding which were so delicious. I had chocolate fondant, Ben had a cookie dough shake and Tash had a baileys chocolate mousse:


The next day, we went to see the sights of Adelaide. It was a small city, with not much to do so we wandered around the city centre for a bit:

After completing the city centre in like ten minutes, we decided that hiring a car would be the best way to go.

Once we got our car, Tash organised some walks in the surrounding national parks. Even though it was chucking it down and so windy, it was beautiful! We saw waterfalls, caves and more wild koalas:

After that we drove up to the top of Mount Lofty (we didn’t hike up it as I had a say in our trip) and quickly ran out to see the supposed view of the whole of Adelaide, here it is:


The weather was absolutely shite and it was so, so cold – so we took a few pictures and then got back in the car.

We decided to treat ourselves for dinner again, so each got a backpackers dominoes dinner with a side of KFC chicken nuggets. It was perfect.

The next day was our last in Adelaide, so we decided to go out with a bang and visit the famous Barossa Valley.

Our first stop was a chocolate factory, to which we bought nothing and ate all the free samples:

Then we went to a cheese factory and tried all their smelly, gooey delicious treats. We actually purchased something this time; a homemade halloumi.


After that was our first winery, Lambert Estate and it was very fancy. Tash and I got straight into the free tasting while Ben looked on. I was surprised at one of their chardonnays, since I usually hate it, as it was so smooth and buttery. That meant I had to buy it, obviously!

Next up was a brewery, since we felt sorry for Ben. The tasting this time wasn’t free but it was still bloody good! It ranged from pale ales to dark stouts; some of the flavours were random as one beer tasted like bacon and another like chocolate.

We were all ravenous, and a little bit drunk by this point, so lunch was the best option. We decided to opt out of going to an overpriced restaurant in the area and instead bought some bread rolls, rostisserie chicken and pate. It was perfect.

After our refuel, we decided to get more food and stop at Steinys; a smokehouse. We tried their array of smoked sausages, pepperoni and jerkey. They were all delicious but some were so spicy!


Our final stop was at the Jacobs Creek Winery, a name we were very familiar as Tesco often did Β£4 bottles – which were perfect for pre drinks!

We chose another free tasting menu and chatted to the wine expert. I was pleasantly surprised by their wines and found out they actually made good quality, expensive varieties too.


Tash convinced herself that she needed a bottle of their special prosecco spritz, so we had to go all the way back in (after getting to the car park) and buy a bottle. We then got back to the car and headed back to the city.

Once we arrived back, we spent the evening eating and drinking all the goodies from the day, watching movies (Coyote Ugly was one, what a film) and packing so we were all ready to head onto another adventure the next day.

Adelaide, its been short but sweet; now it’s the long road up to Alice Springs!


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