It’s Not Goodbye, It’s I’ll See You Soon

The dreaded last day on the farm was looming over me and I was trying my best to not think about it. 

We finished picking a couple of days before I was meant to leave; it was very bittersweet. I kinda didn’t want to stop picking, now that I had gotten good at it! 

We then weeded for a couple of days, which made me a wee bit down as I wanted one last road trip before leaving. Luckily good old Ellie came in to save the day and whisked us off to Maroochydore for two nights. 

I said my first emotional goodbyes to Sandi and Dave as they were heading to the Gympie Muster (a massive country music festival). I thanked them so much for all they’ve taught me and said I now see them as family. 

After some cuddles and selfies, they were off and I got into the car, ready for our last road trip:

It was so nice to see Julie and the dogs, and be surrounded by serene waves again. 

We spent the first day chilling, kayaking and unpacking. 

Us backpackers then decided to go and watch the sunset from the beach; sangria in hand. It was beautiful!

That night we all got pizzas delivered and stayed up late talking about anything and everything! 

A few of us decided to go for a midnight kayak…

However one of the kayaks had floated away so we decided to search for it. There was one strikingly similar in the neighbours garden so we checked to see if it was ours. The owner immediately ran out stating that it was her kayak, to which we apologised and explained our story. 

Brice went on the hunt up the river looking for this missing kayak whilst the rest of us chilled on the patio. As we were standing by the water we heard a young angry Aussie lady shouting ‘if you come on my property again, we’ll call the police’. Well, Julie was trying to climb over the fence to get this rude woman but we said it wasn’t worth it. We eventually laughed it all off and cheered as Brice returned with the missing kayak! 

The next day, Kira and I accompanied Julie to get the dogs groomed (and may have fallen in love with a guy that worked there), Julie then took us on a tour of Maroochydore and we even stopped at Mooloolaba Fish Market to get some sand crabs and fresh prawns. It was the best breakfast:

We chilled on the water for the rest of the day. Kieren and I decided to get the kayaks and see the sunset from a different view this time:

After the sunset, we were all ready for bed but I forced everyone to go out since it was my last night. Kieren didn’t wake up, even though we were pulling him out of bed, so we left him at home.

Let’s just say maroochydore isn’t the lively of places! We did manage to find a restaurant that had $10 cocktails though. Kira and I were straight on the espresso martinis:

After that, bed time was a calling so we left the wild night out to fall fast asleep. 

My last day had now arrived, it was all coming too fast. Even though I didn’t have much sleep, I got up really early so I could sit, look at the peaceful view and reflect on everything:

A gently woke everyone up and said goodbye, then it was time for Julie to drive me back to the farm. We chatted the whole way and finally I was back ‘home’. 

I said an emotional goodbye to Julie and thanked her for everything. Then I got to packing and cleaning my wee caravan. 

Everything was done in record time, so I could spend my last hour enjoying the farm. Ellie felt sorry for me as I was a blubbering mess so she let me drive the tractor around the farm! It was a bloody difficult thing to drive.

We then packed up her car and it was time for me to go. 

I’d managed to hold it together until the pets got involved; saying goodbye to Sugar and Spice, and my best friend since day one, Salty – made me an emotional wreck. 

Ellie put happy songs in the car the entire ride into Gympie and was singing my praises the whole time. Love her. 

We made friends in a local shop as we waited for my greyhound; the Gympie Muster had caused a lot of traffic. 

Then my bus arrived. Ellie gave a quick cuddle and ushered me on before we got too upset. I waved her goodbye and cried all the way to Brisbane. 

So many sights brought back memories: the Ross Creek Store where we are our body weight in chicken salt chips, the Coles where we’d shop and laugh at all the hillbillies, the maccas where we’d get a cheeky meal after a long days picking, the cinema where Sandi and Dave made us go to even though they didn’t want to sit next to us and the long beautiful roads where we’d play music and relax with good friends. 

I can’t believe my farm work is now over. Working there has been one of the best experiences of my life. I learned that I am capable of anything, I’ve made friends for life and I now know that material things don’t make you happy in life. Keep it simple, be thankful for what you’ve got. 

The farm will forever be in my heart πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸšœ


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