Strawberry Picking on our Lunch Break πŸ“

Today was a bit of a disaster; we were all woken up at 6.30am by a very bashful Ellie; she may had forgotten to tell us we were picking, so instead we got drunk and stayed up so late the night before. 

The whole group were rough AF and exhausted, PLUS the beans were absolutely shite. 

To say she was sorry Ellie let us borrow her car during lunch so we could go pick strawberries at Cooloola Farm (that had been our original plan, thinking we had a day off). 

So we set off to the local farm, and were greeted with happy families, live music and the smell of paella cooking. We immediately grabbed a strawberry cider and sat down to take it all in. 

Next up was some picking! I know we’re crazy, we left picking green beans to go pick strawberries? 

Once we’d picked our punnets worth (and snacked on a lot of strawbs) we headed to the shed to get them weighed. It was so cute, there were lots of home made goodies and we even got to meet the family that ran the farm (they may have been trying to poach us backpackers, so we could work for them).

We then headed back outside, grabbed another strawberry cider and chilled once more. We admired the location and the weird wildlife, before heading back to pick. 

We were all a bit pished by the time we got back but it helped us finish a terrible patch. 

After work was finished, we decided to take the ultimate blind taste test, to see if hand picked was really best. It was unanimous, hand picked was so much sweeter and much more juicy than shop bought. 

All in all, a tough day turned into a great one! 


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