France and America Have Invaded!

Kira, Kieren and I had gotten used to being the three best friends that anyone could have; along with Salty, Sugar and Spice too. However, things were about to change as we were notified that three new pickers were arriving. 

First up we had Brice and Saskia a 25 year old French couple and then Ava, a 26 year old American. 

The three instantly fell in love with the farm and they were so easy to get on with. We were glad the farm was full again. 

On one of our days off, the group went for a hike around the farm and located the infamous ‘secret patch’. We sat there and chilled, then walked to the highest point of the farm to watch the sunset. Wee salty even ran all the way up to join us. 

After that exercise, we decided that we’d all contribute to an outdoor dinner: Kira roasted veg and tofu, Ava and I made an awesome potato salad and Brice and Saskia marinated some chicken drumsticks.

We all sat around the fire and eagerly awaited this authentic dinner:

It took bloody ages! But it was worth it as the food had a lovely smokey (not burnt) taste. 

It was a lovely way to bond as a group and get the newbies all settled in. 


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