Animal Farm 🐰🐥

Don’t let the title fool you; this story has a happy ending! 

It was an average day on the patch; Kieren, Kira, Andrew and I were all picking away. Ellie then pulls up on her tractor and walks over to us. Our immediate thought was we had done something wrong, but no it was one of the best surprises ever! She revealed that she was cradling a baby bunny. Instantly Kira and I fell in love; Kira even started to cry. 

Here she is:

We finished the picking, very quickly, and  began making a wee house for Beanie (good name ae). The rest of the day we were so happy and so excited for our bunny cuddles. However, beanie had other plans and decided to escape. Kieren broke the news to us and we were devastated, but we knew she’d be back with her furry family on the farm. 

Fast forward to evening, everyone had gone to bed a part from Kieren and myself. We were just chilling by the fire, looking at the stars, when we heard a thump and a screech; coming from the kitchen. I ordered Kieren to go look as I could sense something bad was happening. Before we could go in, Pipi the cat ran out with Beanie in her mouth. I screamed and Kieren chased after her. Unfortunately we couldn’t save the poor wee soul and she passed away from a heart attack. I was so upset and annoyed that we didn’t try and look for her in the kitchen. Kieren consoled me and suggested we bury her. It was the saddest situation. So now Beanie is resting in a tiny grave by the patch. 

We broke the news to Kira the next morning and she was a mess. We both were. 

The next few days were somber, we perked up a bit when we had a day off and decided to go play put put. 

That cheered us right up, even though Kieren beat us. The next step was getting snacks from the shop at the bottom of the farm. We thought it was going to be a quick and easy trip, however fate had a different plan….

As we headed into the shop, I heard cheaping and saw they were selling chicks for $3 each! I immediately told Kira we were getting one, but she was hesitant (the death of beanie was still on her conscience). 

After twenty minutes of convincing, we were ready to buy two chicks. Kira said that they’d need company. The man in the shop had to wrestle their mum to get them out, but eventually we had them in our hands. We packed them in a box, got advice on how to care from them by a wee local girl and headed back to the car. Oh, forgot to mention that Kieren had been waiting for us for half an hour. We said sheepishly that we bought chicks and he was speechless. 

Here they are:

We set them up in a wee house and hid them in my caravan (we hadn’t asked the farmers if we could get them). The next few days we spent falling in love with Sugar and Spice, whilst rehearsing how to break the news that we had pets. 

We told Ellie first and she was absolutely fine with it, she then briefed the farmers and all was well. 

So now the birds run free and they capture the hearts of everyone near them. And we’re switched on with all the possible predators who could harm them *cough Pipi cough*.


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