Farewell Trip to Hervey Bay 

So the time had come when our wee group had time to part ways…

Lucy and Connor were the first to leave us; wee had a final love island session in the tv room and had a tearful/sleepy goodbye at 5am the next day. They’re now in Sydney, living it up in the city with an awesome apartment.

Then it was Jess and Luke’s turn. They were meant to leave the next day but since they had their own campervan, it was more relaxed as to when they’d actually leave. 

The day had come where they were all packed up and ready to head back on the road. They told us their plans to go Hervey Bay and Kira, Kieren and I were very jealous. 

However, our stars were aligned somehow as the three remaining pickers had a few days off. So we thought, fuck it, let’s go with them! 

We all headed on the road for one last stint as pickers! 

We arrived at Hervey Bay at around 3pm and headed straight for the beach. However, the tide was in and it wasn’t the warmest so that plan didn’t go ahead. Instead we went to the local pier, which was 1km in length. It was gorgeous; blue skies, many fisherman hoping to get a good catch, massive Pelicans perched on the lamposts and we even had a crazy lady dressed as a mermaid singing along with a tambourine. 

After that trip, we went out for dinner (something we’ve done only once before). We headed to an Irish pub called Hoolihans and immediately grabbed a pint. The group all ordered normal meals, like burgers and pizza. Not me though, I went straight to the seafood section and saw Moretown Bay Bugs were on the menu. I had to order this dish as if always wanted to try this new shellfish. 

Here it is:

It was very similar to lobster; white meat from the tail but no claw meat unfortunately. It was served with a creamy whiskey sauce and rice. It was delicious! I would have preferred a simple garlic butter but nevertheless, it was worth the small fortune I paid for. 

After the meal, we thought we’d watch the sunset on the beach and my god it was breathtaking:

We had tunes playing, great company, beautiful sights and some Dolphins popped up. It was magical.

Next up was finding a place to sleep. Every single campsite had been booked up so our possibilities looked bleak. However, Jess found a place called coconut grove that had availability so we drove straight there. 

We pulled into this campsite and well. It was full of caravans that had been converted into houses, not nice ones, and everyone looked so sketchy. We drove straight out and went to Coles carpark to rethink. Staying with hillbilly Aussies weren’t our idea of fun. 

The boys said they had an idea where to stay, so we stocked up on snacks and booze before heading to the new area. 

Little did I know that it was down a bloody dirt road in the middle of nowhere! It honestly looked and felt like the opening of a horror movie; five backpackers looking for a place to stay in rural Australia. I spent the whole time with my head in a pillow, whilst proclaiming that I’d pay for us all to stay in a motel. They didn’t listen, and instead we pulled up into a wee ditch facing a ’empty and unused’ farm. 

After that ordeal, we got settled; cracked open some wine, got the fire going and roasted some marshmallows.

Just as I was getting used to the idea of us sleeping there, a car drove past and I shat it. Luckily it didn’t stop and we weren’t bothered/murdered. 

The girls went to bed first and the boys had some bonding time. It was too much for some though as Luke puked! 

The next morning, we were woken by a moo sound. Yes, the empty farm the boys were so sure about was now full of bloody cows! And they were so curious of us. 

We had breakfast and revelled that none of us were murdered/caught for trespassing. However, that came to a halt when a massive jeep, with the licence plate ‘omg yes’, pulled up and a massive Aussie man emerged. He had a long ponytail, a massive chain around his neck and his hairy chest exposed. We thought we were done. He asked where we were from, and as soon as he pretended to be braveheart when he found out I was from Scotland and started to chant a manchester Utd Song for Jess and Luke, we knew he was ok. He said he knew what we were upto but was fine with it as we were respectful and had a lot of banter. After he told us where to travel to next, he left us and we left soon after. 

We went back to the beach we were at the night before and did some tanning (the boys passed out in the shade). We also saw a shark attacking something very close to the shore, so weren’t going in the sea after that. 

Our tummies were all rumbling by this point so we went on the hunt for lunch. We fancied some sushi so got some freshly made up; I had a prawn and avo roll with some pork dumplings on the side:

We ate our lunch in the beautiful sunshine and then it was time to say goodbye. We shared lots of hugs and I reminded everyone; it’s not goodbye, it’s I’ll see you soon. 

Seven now down to three. It’s been sick. 


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