The Best Day Off Yet

I can fairly say that my team and I have had some of the best days off, since doing farm work but today made it to the top of the list. 

So without further ado, let’s get to it!

The crew set their alarms and were all up by 7am. We loaded the cars and headed to Tin Can Bay. First on the agenda, was dolphin feeding. This was the one activity Lucy was so keen to do so she was like a kid on Christmas morning. 

We paid our entry fee, got a brew (Kieren had a sausage butty too) and took a seat. The Dolphins are a wild, river species that come into the wee beach at Tin Can to receive some fish. It is all natural, they aren’t forced to come in, we can’t touch them and only 3kg of fish can be fed to them, so they don’t forget to hunt. We sat and waited for two hours, Luke fell asleep on the floor and I made friends with a wee staffie:

We were slowly losing hope, until we heard the magic words ‘the Dolphins are here’! 

Oh my goodness it was so exciting; two males had popped by to say hello. The group immediately went down to the water to see them up close. The volunteers gave us a talk about the Dolphins and how they’ve been coming to Tin Can Bay for years, it was so sweet. 

After the talk ended we headed to get our fish. We formed a queue and went down to feed these cuties.

They were so gentle, it was lovely. 

We got a few selfies by the water and then headed back to the car. Lucy cheesing the whole way down.

At this point we were meant to go back to the farm to weed, but instead we miracously ended up in rainbow beach. How strange! 

This time we went to the Sand Blow and my god, it was stunning!

The boys did a bit of sand surfing:

And then we headed to the edge to see some more views:

Jess and Luke didn’t come down with us, which we thought was strange. Then we found out why; it was the steepest hill I’ve ever had to walk up! I took so many breaks heading up and literally passed out in the sand when I finally got to the top. 

After that exercise, we chilled watching the sea. We didn’t bloody expect to see sharks and whales though! So we ran down the hill to get a better view (the nightmare hike back up was worth it):

The Sharks and whales eventually swam off, so we took that as our chance to leave. 

We stopped off in rainbow for some lunch. We went to a bakery, I got a chicken and avo sandwich and a jam doughnut, obviously! It was so fresh, it just melted in your mouth.

The group then headed back to the farm. We were asked to weed again but straight up said no. We literally weren’t in the right mind to do any work that day. 

Next location for the day off was Ellie’s house in Mothar Mountain. Ellie was going to a wedding for the weekend so needed someone to look after Zara, her Great Dane rescue. 

The farm has definitely changed us; seven twenty somethings in an empty could lead to disaster. However, instead we baked and watched movies! 

Ellie had made us a chicken stew for dinner, so we all tucked in around the strangely shaped dinner table:

Next up was dessert; Jess and Luke had prepared banana bread, whilst Kira and I made cookies (Kieren contributed strawberries, that were already on the table, to be helpful):

It was all going so well until we could smell burning… We’d only bloody burnt everything on the bottom! Nevertheless, we still ate the baked goods because backpackers don’t really have standards. 

After dinner, we got all cosied up to watch a horror movie. Whilst watching, Zara came up and kicked kira off the sofa and made her sleep on the floor. It was a shame but so funny. Then we all went off to bed. 

The next morning, we chilled in the awesome home built house and I made a fancy brekkie; avo on toast with scrambled eggs (notice in the pic, someone else wants some):

We then cleaned the house so it was spotless, said goodbye to the dog and headed back to the farm. 

It was one of the best days off I’ve had; the group all knew each other really well by then, Lucy’s wee smile after feeding the Dolphins was so sweet and every place we went to was absolutely gorgeous.

I’ll definitely remember this day in the years to come ❤️


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