Night Out In Noosa

The group of us were gagging for a day off, it was crazy. From shit beans, to weeds, to management changes, to arguments; we knew we had to leave. 

Finally, our lucky day arrived and we were off to Noosa. The usual six of us were ready to go, plus two new additions: Kira, a 22 year old Canadian gal who will be picking with us and Olivia, a 27 year old French WWOOFER. 

Our first stop once we arrived was the beach, obviously! We went to Sunshine Beach, which is where Kat and I had stopped at in our campervan – so it brought back all the feels. And, just as I was reminiscing, I spotted a cheeky Spaceship van so I went over to have a nosey. It was only our car wasn’t it?! Wee Medusa, with the exact rego, had come to say hi! 

Here’s the wee stunner herself:

After seeing that, I knew we were in for a good weekend! 

We chilled on the beach for a few hours, Luke surfed, while Kieren and Connor attempted to.

Here’s some snaps:

After the beach, we stopped off at KFC to fill our tummies. I was nominated to drive the girls there and was not confident at all. Let’s just say I’m not the best driver, and when people know this I get even more nervous. However, I got us there safely! It was just the journey home I then had to worry about…

We all got lost, didn’t have phone battery to get a map, I almost got hit on a roundabout, I almost hit the roundabout, I had to pull out into two connected busy roads and I had to do sooooo many u turns. My stress levels were through the roof while the girls were pissing themselves at me. 

We finally arrived at our apartment that was rented for the night; all in one piece, just. My god, it was perfect; two double beds, three sets of bunk beds, big kitchen and an outdoor area. 

The boys immediately got the tunes on and started playing beer pong, while the girls started prepping our make up, hair and outfits for the night. Jess was the beauty guru and made Lucy and I look even more gorgeous than we did before:

Once everyone was ready, after only three hours, the drinking games began. The girls weren’t very drunk but made up for it VERY quickly. We danced to stormzy, rapped to Nicki Minaj and partied to Schoolboy Q. Then it was time to go out out!

We went to a club in the middle of Noosa, no idea what it was called though (too much goon already, whoops!). It was dead but that didn’t deter us, as we partied anyways:

As the night went on we all got more and more drunk, and the ‘talent’ coming into the club were pure hillbillies. 

A few of the boys got into some scuffles with the Aussies, the single girls pulled and Jess decided to go for a lot of wanders.

Nevertheless, it was brilliant! We got home, made toast and went to bed. 

The next morning was rough as we had to clean and leave the apartment by 10am (we went to bed at 5am). However, we managed to do it though! 

We decided that the best place to be hungover AF was on the beach so we went to the main beach in Noosa this time; and may have made a tiny pit stop at maccas on the way…

The ice cold sea and breeze on the beach was just what we needed. 

The hungover munchies weren’t over so we stocked up on a subway before heading home. 

It was an amazing night away, with great people, in a gorgeous location.

Still feel rough though…


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