A 100kg Day

So we’ve been picking for two months now and I’m still bloody shite! 

Everyday the top three pickers are Luke, Jess and Lucy, meanwhile Kieren, Connor and I fight not to be in last place. 

The aim is to reach a 100kg total each; which the top three have hit multiple times but the three bottom can’t seem to get past 70kg. 

There was one day where Connor, myself and Brendan (an Aussie picker who has now left, RIP) were all on 95kg so the group all muscled in and went down to pick in the dark; in order for us to get up to 100kg. 

Here we are: 

It was a great feeling and it really raised the spirits, however I felt it didn’t count as I didn’t reach that total all by myself. 

The group always knows that when we say it’ll be a 100kg day, it will never happen. However yesterday was a different story…

We had a few tough days on the farm prior as our days off had been cut, the weather turned on us and everyone was a bit emotional. So when we got back picking we didn’t expect much. 

We started with picking peas in the morning and we all thought it’ll be a slow day as peas are a pain in the ass to pick. However, to our surprise we’d all managed to pick 40kg by 11am. 

After our ‘smoko’ break we headed to the patch, to pick beans this time, and we all knew that it was a day to get that 100! We didn’t dare speak it aloud though. 

By lunch, we were all averaging 70kg. So after a few shots of coffee and calculations of how many buckets were needed to get that total, we headed back down. 

The farmers moaning at us for taking too long on our breaks and ‘holding up the farm’ didn’t phase us, as we were determined. 

I’ll tell you, it was knackering; mentally and physically. Your shoulders seize up and you have no space in your brain to think about anything, apart from picking. 

It got to 5pm and it was crunch time. And guess what, WE ONLY BLOODY DID IT!!!

Here’s the proof (note: I’m Richie as Lucy had somehow bagsied our name) :

I was so happy that I managed to do that all by myself. Jess, Luke and Lucy still were miles ahead but I wasn’t last! Also, Connor and I were competing all day and he was even checking my picking technique, so having 3kg more was the cherry on top. 

Kieren didn’t get the target but he reached 100 a previous day, so he was already in the club. 

We were proud of ourselves but we were absolutely shattered. We watched an episode of love island and then headed for bed. 

I’m glad I know I can do it now, but I prefer singing and chatting on the patch so will stick to my 70kg target for the future. 


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