State of Origin

After working hard for the last few weeks, we were able to break up the picking with a barbecue and rugby game. 

It’s not just your usual match though; it’s called the state of origin and its where Queensland play New South Wales over three games, to see who’s the best. 

The backpackers headed over to the Cohen’s for dinner and we were greeted with the enticing smell of barbecue. 

We had; sausages, burgers, potato salad, potato dauphinois and salad.

After dinner we all gathered around the tv and watched the big game. Bec’s Carer and her boyfriend joined us, so they added the Aussie rowdiness to the room.

The first half was pretty uneventful, NSW were winning as they were known to be the better team, and all us backpackers couldn’t keep our eyes open as we’d been working all day. 

However after some fresh air, we were tuned in for the second half and QLD fought back, so much so that they won!

Here we are watching the game:

It was a good night and we can’t wait for the final match in three weeks time!


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