A Wee Getaway to Maroochydore 

The group had worked 2 weeks straight and had spent the last few days on second picks, so we were very low. Luckily, good old Ellie saw this and arranged for us to go to her friends for a couple of days, down in Maroochydore. 

So the boys went in one car and the girls in another, and we headed to a long deserved break. 

Here’s the ladies:

We arrived at the house and it looked pretty normal; brick house on a main road. However, when we walked round to the back garden we were blown away… 

There was the most quaint, little river running behind all the houses:

The hosts were amazing too; Scott and Julie, with their wee dogs Tilly and Max. 

All of us backpackers couldn’t believe how welcoming they were and how at home we felt. 

We had some nibbles; salami, cheese, olives and bread. Then headed down to Alexandra Heads Beach.

Most of the group tried surfing but Lucy and I sat this one out as we knew it was out with our ability. (I’m so bloody glad she’s here)

We then went ‘home’ and Scott cooked us up a massive barbecue, that included sausages, steak and burgers. But the star of the show that night was the prawns. They had been caught that day and were the sweetest/most juicy thing I’d ever eaten. They were delicious. Fresh is definitely best.

Here’s Jess learning how to properly peel a prawn:

We spent the night drinking and laughing. Ellie had a bit too much sherry and went to bed at half 7, but we kept going…

The next morning we woke up feeling rather rough so Ellie cooked up a massive fry up; sausages, egg, bacon, avo, toast, mushrooms and all kinds of juice:

It was fucking amazing, hit the spot!

Scott then took us out on his boat, so he could show us the area and more importantly lay some nets for crabs to crawl into.

I was so excited to see what we would catch! 

I was also in awe with the scenery and how just being in the beautiful outdoors is the best. 

After our stint crabbing, we went back to Alexandra Heads for a quick surf and then did a food shop at woolies, since we were the chefs tonight. 

Jess and Luke didn’t come food shopping with us so I managed to convince Kieren, Lucy and Connor to stop off at KFC on the way home. It worked and we had some cheeky wings. 

As we got home, Luke was already working on dinner – we chose lasagne and garlic bread. Lucy, Luke and I created a feast and it was bloody delicious!

We drank and talked again all night, then went to sleep after watching a few episodes of love island. 

The next morning, Ellie was wide awake at 5.30am the whole group tried to go back to sleep but when she mentioned crabbing and was up!

It was amazing. The sunrise was gorgeous, the water was so peaceful and we caught crabs!! Here’s some photos:

Honestly I’d never been so happier. 

We caught so many crabs but all apart from one was big enough for us to take home. Aussies are very respectful of the land so you can’t take the females and they have reach a certain size before they are deemed legal to eat. 

When we got back from our trip, we put our crab straight in the pot!

The boys did a spot of fishing but couldn’t contribute anything to brunch.

We let him cook and cool, then it was time to eat the freshest mud crab ever!

Julie gave me a lesson on how to crack them open, and where the good meat was. I was very surprised that the body only had white flaky meat and not that brown sludge like back home. 

It was the best crab I have ever eaten. It was sweet, flaky and so damn fresh.

I got the whole group to try a bit and they all loved it. 

It was the perfect meal to end the day. 

It was then time to say goodbye to our amazing hosts, but we promised that we would be back (and not break anything this time). 

We got a wee group shot before heading back to the farm: 

We set off back to Gympie, very down in the dumps. The girls car were just minding their business when suddenly Ellie shouts for us to get out the car (on the highway) to help a broken down car. 

We didn’t even think and got out, we pushed this man safely off the road and he was so grateful. Meanwhile the boys took a video of four girls pushing a car off the highway. 

It was a great way to end the trip, as we laughed all the way home. 

Best couple of days off, ever!


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