Rainbow Beach 

We had worked a pretty full on few days and we’re rewarded with a day off! It got even better because Sandi and Dave took us to Rainbow Beach. 

We set off in the morning in separate cars and headed to the beach. 

Connor, Lucy and I went with Sandi and her mum; we also picked Bec up (who is Sandi’s daughter). 

We made a pit stop in a shopping centre in Cooloola and to our surprise a pop up barbecue had appeared, so we all got a cheeky sausage buttie for $2! 

We then headed to rainbow beach. The other backpackers got there early so Dave took them in his 4×4 on the beach, so jealous! Will definitely ask to have the opportunity. 

We spent a few hours just chilling on the beach; Connor and Luke played in the sea and had a few games of checkers because they weren’t into tanning. 

Here we are:

After getting a bit burnt we headed back to the farm. However, Sandi had to drop Bec off at her apartment so we made an extra stop. 

Connor, Lucy, Hannah and I all didn’t want to get in the way so we decided to take a walk around Tin Can Bay. I had heard of a few shops but didn’t know where they were, so we asked a random couple for directions. They gave more than that! They put us in their car and gave us a tour of Tin Can Bay! We saw the local shops, the marina and a crab catching area – it was lovely. 

I know it sounds so scary but there’s places in Australia where everyone is nice and trustworthy. It’s a breath of fresh air. So not only were they generous people, but they had opened up a school in Cambodia and the lady used to care for Bec! 

We all returned back to Bec’s place (with our new friend); Sandi and Bec were so happy to see this woman, they also lived how random it was for us to have met them. We spent the evening reminiscing  and laughing. 

It was definitely meant to be that that woman came into our lives and back into Sandi and Bec’s!


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