Bec’s Birthday

It was Sandi and Dave’s daughter, Bec’s, 23rd birthday and the whole farm were preparing to celebrate. 

Sandi took myself, Lucy and Hannah on a veggie shop around all the local farms. It was adorable, they’d leave the produce in a wee cart and trust that you would leave money. I love rural areas. 

Here we are getting some goodies:

Then it was time for the party! All of their friends and family arrived. 

Here’s Bec getting some presents:

We started off the party with some nibbles: homemade hummus, veggies, dips and devilled eggs:

The main course was chilli, with all the goods – cheese, guac, sour cream etc. Here’s the proud chef:

Dessert was a spread of: marbelled cupcakes, carrot cake and sweet potato brownies. 

Heres us backpackers at the party:

We even recruited two younger pickers to get to the smaller plants:

Then it was time for the cake! Here’s the birthday girl with her amazing parents: 

The night was almost over but not before the guitar was brought out and the whole room started singing. I even joined in when ‘Chicken Fried’ came on and all the backpackers looked as if I was a weirdo. 

It was a great night, loved every second of it. I really feel like I’m with family. 


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