An Aussie Hog Roast

So two new backpackers arrived on the farm; Kieren, 21 from London and Bryan, 23 from Manchester. 

They had it easy, one day picking, a day off and then another day picking (all on big juicy beans). However, Bryan couldn’t hack it and quit after two days. So we sent him on his way the next day back to Brissy. 

Kieren was a wee gem as he stayed and bonded with us straight away. 

The next few days wasn’t the best as we had to do a second pick. So basically there were no beans but we had to spend all day searching for the hiding big ones. 

We powered through though and got it done! And to celebrate we went to a local pub to have a hog roast. 

It. Was. Amazing. 

The pork was slow roasted so it just melted in your mouth, the crackling tasted like bacon, there was honey soy chicken and homemade bread with, honestly, the best butter I’ve ever tasted. You could tell all the ingredients were local and so damn fresh. 

Here’s some photos:

It was just what we needed after two hard days picking. 

We then went to spectate the karaoke; I was being forced to go up but did not have enough wine in my system for that. Instead we all sang hits at the table like ‘you’re the voice’ and ‘mustang sally’.

I may have also been persuaded to dance by an older, very Aussie man. (He reminded us as of mick in wolf creek). It was highly embarrassing and video footage was captured. 

Sandi and Dave joined us for a few and we then headed home whilst singing ‘I will always love you’.

We got back to the farm, watched love island and headed to bed. 


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