A Vegan Feast

Another newbie arrived, this time it was a female WWOOFer from England called Hannah. She wasn’t being paid to work on the farm, instead she was fed by Sandi and Dave; whilst also learning about organic farming. 

Hannah added something different to the group as she was vegan, so I picked her brains on what she likes to cook. Fortunately, she was making dinner for everyone that day (Sandi’s mum had come up for a visit so we had a great excuse to celebrate) so we all mucked in to help. 

Here we are prepping:

Here’s what was on the menu: 

Fried peas with soy sauce soaked almonds

Sautéed green beans (you starting to notice a theme here?)

Homemade pesto with Brazil nuts, almonds and an assortment of herbs

And the main star, was a pumpkin risotto made with brown rice, celery, onion and garlic. 

The meal was delicious! It packed a punch of flavour and I didn’t miss meat at all. 

Even Connor and Lucy, who are very picky eaters loved it. 

We devoured the food and then played loads of riddle games. Here we all are:

Then the conversation turned to politics so we called it a night there! 

I’ll definitely be getting some recipes and tips from Hannah, so watch this space! 


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