Turning a Quarter of a Century 

It’s official, I’m now an adult. On the 23rd of May I turned 25 and realised I’m no longer in my ‘early twenties’. But, who cares?! I have no plans of getting preggers, investing in a house or getting hitched. I’m more than happy to be spending my birthday on a farm in Australia. 

The day was very chilled; I spent the morning opening my cards from friends and family; home and away: 

In the afternoon we helped around the farm and at night, Sandi (the female owner of the farm) cooked a full roast in my honour. 

We had; roast lamb, freshly picked green beans and peas, roast potatoes and gravy:

The meal was amazing, the lamb was so tender and the fresh veggies added so much flavour. 

I know it sounds strange, spending your 25th birthday on a farm with six people you’ve just met but it was perfect. I couldn’t believe how at home I felt. 

Here we are:

And then just as the night couldn’t get any better; I was presented with a cake from Connor and Lucy (the backpackers) and a wee present and card from Sandi and Dave (the farmers). 

It’s definitely the simple things in life that make you happy.


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