Lunch at Mothar Mountain 

Ellie took myself, Jess and Luke off the farm for a day. We went to her house 20 minutes away in a place called Mothar Mountain. 

Her house was awesome, it was open plan in the middle of the forest. Proper Aussie. She also had a Great Dane rescue called Zara. Here’s Jess with the mahoosive dog:

She made us roast chicken, red onion, tomato toasties on Turkish bread. It was delicious! We sat and munched whilst watching Guardians of the Galaxy. It was awesome, although we did have the Piña Colada song stuck in our heads for a full week. 

Next up was the real reason we were there; to help roll up a massive hose used for irrigation on the farm. The four of us, well Ellie and Luke, worked together and got it done. It was bloody difficult. Imagine 20M of stiff, thick plastic hose, covered in mud, manually rolled up.

We then headed back to the farm and chilled for the rest of the night.


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