And so the Picking Begins…

We started the week with two more backpackers arriving; another couple from England called Lucy and Connor. The five of us settled in and bonded as a group straight away, it was awesome. 

The next day we were up early ready to do our first picking session. We headed down to the paddock and began picking the peas. It wasn’t the best. We missed peas so had to search through the rows, there were hardly any ready so we barely even filled one bucket (7kg) and our backs were in agony. 

We headed up to our living area and were down in the dumps. We thought we were terrible pickers, we thought we couldn’t make any money being here (as we get paid per kilo) and we were in so much pain all over our bodies. 

Luckily, we went over to the bean paddock in the afternoon and picked a lot more. Our spirits were raised and we didn’t feel as negative. 

The next morning I experienced pain I never have before. My whole body was stiff and ached. The whole group felt the same and we had to think twice before bending over to get something/sit down because it hurt so much. 

We picked up the pace and got into a routine. Luke was the bloody golden child as he got up to 90kg by the end of the week and I was on 50kg. 

As the week progressed we got quicker and better at picking, our bodies also got used to bending over for 7 hours a day. 

Here’s some pics of us and the crops:

The end of the week approached and we picked enough to send out the order. (Dave the farmer sells directly to wholesalers who then dishes out the crops to restaurants, shops etc.)

We then jumped into the shed to help clean, sort and pack the beans and peas. 

Here are some photos:

To celebrate our first successful pic the farmers cracked open a beer for us and we had a sausage sizzle. 

Here’s Ellie cooking up a storm:

We spent the weekend recovering and even made it to the cinema in Gympie to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean film. 

As the new week started, weeding was next on the cards. This was also back breaking but we were getting used to it. 

As we weren’t picking we weren’t as tired in the evenings so decided to make a bonfire and even wee salty came to join:

All in all, it was a bloody tough week and I’ve never experienced work like this before. 

Think about the bloody back breaking work put in next time you’re buying fruit and veg!

I’m determined to pick 80kg a day, so watch this spot! 

A wee pic to end this blog is a selfie showing how much I’m loving life right now… 

It’s not that bad 😜


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