Organic vs Mass Produce

Spending time with the farmers and Ellie (the cool Aussie lady I mentioned earlier) I’ve been able to learn about the difference between a mass produce farm and an organic one, the latter of which I’m working on. Here’s a few points:


Mass Produce – have very high chemical poisons to kill off any bugs (which is why you need to wash any fruit/veg before eating) 

Organic – use natural sprays that are very weak so need to be applied just before sundown, to get the full impact. 


Mass produce – use manure from animals and because they kill off anything left in the paddock after the harvest, they can start planting straight away.

Organic – grow a certain type of crop with the sole purpose to slash and put straight into the ground, this is called green fertiliser. 


Mass produce – spray chemicals again to kill off any unwanted plants. 

Organic – you have to do it by hand or get a tractor and, very carefully, run it through the paddocks pulling up the weeds. 

Now I understand why buying organic is more expensive, the workload is higher and it is a lot more manual. Organic farmers care about what they grow and what you eat. 

When I do my food shop and see anything organic, I’ll never moan again.


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