Getting used to the Farm Life

I had been on the farm for a week now and I couldn’t believe how at home I felt. The bugs, the dirt and the unpredictable weather did not annoy me at all. Who am I?? 

I eventually moved into my wee caravan and spent the night making it all cosy:

Even that shocked me, it’s not the best decorated and it’s small but I’m so happy to call this home. 

Two backpackers also arrived, they’re 21 and 22 from Manchester. They’re travelling the world together, so they’re a younger (not by much) version of Tash and Ben. 

We’ve spent our days working on our living space to make it a perfect place for chilling after the long days picking beans. 

We’ve also been getting to learn a lot about farming from the Aussie lady who will be overseeing our picking. 

She’s taught us about irrigation, which is a fancy word for watering. We went to the paddocks and had to lay a massive hose between the crops and then manually feed sprinklers into the hose. 

The work isn’t tough but it takes a long time to complete and is very manual. 

Farm life is very chilled, I’ll just need to get used to it!


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