First Day on the Farm

As I awoke, I tried to make sense of my surroundings and was greeted by the sound of birds and tractors. I immediately remembered that I was on a farm! 

I was given a tour by a local Aussie woman who worked on the farm and it was great!

We hopped in an old jeep and went on a bumpy journey. 

Here are some of the sights:

As we got to top of the hill to see more sights, two wild pigs darted in front of us. 

Here we are looking for the piglets:

Is it wrong that I couldn’t stop thinking what wild pig would taste like….

We then went to check up on the green bean crop as that is what I’ll be picking very soon. Hurricane Debbie had slowed down the process but they were growing:

We then wandered down to their snow pea crop, which was new for this season. They weren’t quite ready but that didn’t stop me having a wee snack.

I was then shown some other things growing on the farm (for a treat not commercial use).

First was a mulberry tree; the mulberries tasted just like blackberries: 

Next was macadamia nut trees, but there weren’t any for me to sample. 

I loved the tour! I got to get a feel of farm life. 

Can’t wait to start work! 


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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Wow.Nothing beats a first hand experience at it!

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