My last day in Sydney 

The final day had come before I left for farm work.

I met my wee Tash for our final brunch, this time we went to Ruby’s Diner in Waverley. 

Tash had a bun less beef burger with pickles and salad. She enjoyed it but it wasn’t very filling.

I had poached eggs on sourdough with avo and mushrooms:

It was perfect and set me up for the day. 

We then said our goodbyes and parted ways 😢

I then headed back into coogee to say goodbye to my Poke family. 

We had to get a few selfies of course: 

I then cooked dinner to set me up for my long journey. 

I had fish tacos; soft corn taco shells with grilled hoki and albacore tuna, topped pickled radish, red cabbage and carrots. I then finished the dish with a spicy tomato salsa and lime aioli. All washed down with a big wave golden ale: 

I said goodbye to my amazing team and some regular customers, then left with a wee tear in my eye. 

As I got back to my flat, I finished packing and cleaned my room (I love to leave things to the last minute). Then I chilled watching tv with my Brazilians. 

The guy I lived with dropped me off at the station and I was ready to go. 

It was bittersweet; I was sad to go and leave all my friends made in Sydney but I also felt excited to start this new chapter of my journey.


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