Farmer Lucy Has Arrived!

After a long 20 hour bus journey, I had finally arrived in Gympie! 

It’s a cute wee old mining town filled with pubs for the locals and the ever so handy Coles. 

The female owner of the farm greeted me at the bus stop and we went to join her husband in a pizza place. We bonded over a few slices and some wine of course! 

They then drove back to the farm and I was immediately greeted by their dog (a staffie cross) Salty. I felt at home straight away. I went for a much needed shower and then went to sleep as I was exhausted. 

The next morning I woke up full of wonder, so I gave myself a mini tour of the farm. Here’s some pictures:

I helped the lady cook breakfast in the outdoor kitchen:

First, we had a homemade juice made with: beetroot, carrots, Apple and pineapple:

We then had scrambled eggs with parsley on toast, a Greek salad and avo:

It was much needed after the crap I had eaten at all the servos on my way up here. 

I met the farmers daughter who is a year younger than me and a proper Aussie lady who also works on the farm. 

Everyone is so hospitable and lovely here, I feel right at home already. 

The owners were telling me how passionate they are about food and healthy eating, and how they want to create a fun working atmosphere for us backpackers. 

I feel as if I’ve struck gold, and I’m so grateful to be here. 

NB: this feeling may change as soon as I have to start picking…


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