A Night at the Opera

Another treat was on the cards, this time it was an evening of opera at the Sydney Opera House! 

Tash and I put on our glad rags and went to see Two Weddings, One Bride. 

Here’s a few pics of the night:

The show was an operetta which means it has elements of opera but it also has spoken lines. 

At first, I thought it was going to be a cheesy show as the acting was over the top but as you got into the story, you realised that the campiness was perfect for the story. 

A quick summary of the plot is as follows; twin sisters are to be married to two important men, however one gets kidnapped by pirates so one girl has to marry both men in order to keep them happy. 

It sounds like a weird plot but it’s out of the ordinary themes and the comedic style made it a fantastic watch. 

The set was gorgeous too as it represented Morocco; which is the country in which this show was set. The classic contrast colours of blue and orange were used to draw attention to the stage as well as identifying the conflict of this woman having to be to different brides.

After the show ended, tash and I went to a cute pop up bar in circular quay to have some (cheap) bubbles. When we approached there were a group of older Aussie ladies having an absolute ball; the were dancing in the street, doing shots and falling over everywhere! As tash and I watched we chose who we would be in the future. 

We then left that bar and went to my other friend from camp’s hostel. This was a strict hostel so we had to slyly get some key cards and pretend we lived there. We managed to get in and immediately started making new friends, whilst sipping on some goon. Unfortunately the hostel pre drinking plan didn’t work out as some strict managers came to kick us out. 

The next plan was to go to side bar, I managed to get in without issue. However, tash had to prove her soberness as she was with some drunk backpackers. She managed to convince the bouncers to let her in by stating she had just come from the opera and that she was a highly respected teacher. Brilliant. We started dancing and drinking, then our new friends who we met literally ten minutes ago found us. We all celebrated that we got in and acted like best friends! 

Here we are:

Notice how overdressed tash and I were…

We then moved to Scruffy Murphys and danced the night away. 

As we approached the end of the night we made a final stop to maccas to get a wee happy meal. 

Tash and I then headed home. We stumbled into Tash’s place and decided to wake up Ben at 3am to tell him about our evening. We’re so considerate…

That Saturday night was one of the best nights I’ve had in Sydney, even in Australia!


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