Spa Day

As I approached my final week in Sydney before I go up to do farm work, Tash and I decided to treat ourselves to a wee spa day. 

We went to Swissotel in the CBD and were greeted with slippers and a robe. 

We had bought a package where a 35 minute massage and a 35 minute facial were given. What we didn’t know was that we’d be in the same treatment room! After a few giggles, we finally relaxed and had all of our knots worked out. 

The massage was unbelievably relaxing and was just what we both needed after working crazy hours over the last few weeks. 

The facial was so nice too and left us feeling baby faced after. 

Once the treatments were over we went onto the balcony to enjoy some complimentary champagne and sweet treats:

There were four flavours of brownie given: chocolate, honey, dark chocolate with hazelnuts and syrup. 

We then went to relax in the hot tub with our champers:

Then after that we went back into the real world. Tash had work and I was extremely hungover. 

Before I headed back home I decided to visit a Japanese dessert shop called Uncle Tetsu. They were famous for their light and fluffy cheesecakes so, being the food blogger I am, I had to check it out. So as I said in the last post about smelling cheese from the street; the same was for this place. Literally a sweet, buttery, honey scent encompassed this shop and I felt that I was being floated in by the smell. (I’m sure that’s definitely in a Disney film). 

Here’s the shop:

So I found out that they don’t just serve cheesecake but other treats too! And as the cheesecake was only sold whole, at $20, I decided to pass. Instead I bought a honey Madeleine and a triple baked cheese tarts for a fraction of the price and a portion fit for one. 

They came in a cute wee box:

My bus journey home was made ten times better as I kept getting waves of the buttery scent.

The first treat I tried was the honey Madeleine: 

I had tried the traditional French dessert and high hopes for this Japanese take. I wasn’t that impressed as it wasn’t as light as a typical Madeleine. Nevertheless, it still tasted great and the honey wasn’t overpowering; it just added a hint of sweet and stickiness. 

Next up was the triple baked cheese tart:

Oh my god was this good. The crust was buttery and crumbly, yet could hold its own. The filling was unbelievable. It tasted like cheese cake but had a smooth silky texture. This was by far my winner and at $3, well worth the price! 

So if you’re ever hungover AF, tired and in a low energy state; a spa day followed by homemade dessert will fix you right up!


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