Cheese please!

So I know as you’ve probably aimlessly scrolled through your Facebook/Instsgram feed, you will have stopped on many salivating posts about food. I definitely have. One that especially always caught my eye was where a giant wheel of cheese is melted, then scraped on to your food. This for me, I thought, would only remain in my food porn collection. However, thanks to the power of the Brazilian community here in Sydney – my fantasy was about to become reality. 

It was a Friday, my lovely friend Rita messaged me with so much excitement saying there was a restaurant in Surry Hills serving raclette (it’s a French cheese that was made for melting over food). 

Rita went for lunch with her husband the next day and reported back. She said it was damn good and that I had to go. 

So on Saturday night I dragged Tash there, with Ben too. It was called Bare Grill on Bourke and it was in Surry Hills, Sydney. 

Not going to lie, you could smell the cheese in the street as you walked up. 

As we entered the restaurant I immediately checked that there was still some left and there was! The restaurant was unbelievably busy and I quickly spotted my future husband; the man who’s sole job was to scrape the cheese on to your plate. 

I ordered a simple burger, Tash got a chicken burger wrapped in lettuce because ‘gluten free life’ and Ben was sucked in to do an eating challenge. He ordered: 10 burger patties, 10 pieces of bacon and 10 slices of cheese, all served with a large fries.

Here is the mahoosive burger: 

Unfortunately the 30 minute time frame was not enough for Ben to finish this meal, but at least he didn’t go home hungry. 

A Brazilian woman mistakenly ordered this beast too and we watched as she was in complete confusion. 

Tash enjoyed her burger but it was nothing special.

So back to the star of the show, the raclette! The time came for me to enjoy what I can only assume heaven to taste like. 

My plain burger came and immediately after my husband joined us. He scraped a huge chunk of gooey cheese on to my burger and added a little twist of black pepper. Look at how in love I am:

The burger was perfectly seasoned and juicy, the pickles added a nice acidity – but the star was defo the raclette. It was a strong, nutty cheese and the pepper complimented it perfectly. The gooey consistency ensured that every bite would contain this bit of heaven. I didn’t eat all of the bun but everything else was devoured. 

I left feeling so satisfied. 

After I got home I posted a video of this event and the amount of people who went to the restaurant after, and recommended it to friends was unbelievable. 

Just goes to show, a simple idea and tapping into what we crave is a great way to bring in those customers!


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  1. I’ve still yet to try this oozy gooey cheese dish. I only know of 1 business that does this in my city and it’s a food truck so you kind of have to be on the ball and follow them wherever they go to get in on the cheese action. Does look kind of awesome though.


    1. I highly recommend it! So whenever you find a place near you, go for it!


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