Battle of the Cheese Breads

Easter had come and gone, so it was time to get back to work. 

Myself and two other co workers went in bright and early to start prepping for a busy week. 

Rita, my lovely Brazilian friend, produced a treat halfway through our shift. They are called Pão de Queijo which is literally cheese bread in English. These were lovingly handmade by Rita’s mum who had come to Sydney for a visit. 

Here they are:

Myself and the Italian guy we work with, happily ate all of these treats.

They were crunchy on the outside and ever so cheesy on the inside. They were bitesize and light so many could be consumed. 

After that cheesy goodness, we went back to chopping the veg. Then the mother in law of the owner popped in to the shop to drop of some supplies and she came equipped with some more cheese bread, but this time from her homeland of Greece! 

Here they are:

The Italian and I knew that this had now become a taste test, and we appointed ourselves as the very talented critics. 

The Greek cheese bread (Tiroposomo) was larger than the Brazilian one, it was very crunchy on the outside and the sesame seeds added a toastiness. The inside was like a traditional bread roll but had a cheese flavour. 

The verdict: we were so grateful for these mid morning treats and although both were fantastic, Brazil won. This was because of how light and moreish they were. However, if I had a bowl of soup in front of me then Greece would have won hands down. 

I highly recommend trying these treats and even making them yourself too!


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