You Can Never Have Enough Brunch!

The Easter holidays had finally come! Tash and I were stuck for ideas on what to do as the weather was still crap. So brunch it was!

This time we ventured into Bondi Junction and ate at a place called Tuckshop. 

Here’s what we ordered:

Myself – brisket hash with quinoa and chickpeas, lime Mayo and a fried egg.

Tash – smashed avo on toast, a boiled egg, pickles and herbs.

Although the food looked great, we were somewhat underwhelmed. For instance, ‘hash’ to me means potatoes so when I was given a plate of healthy carbs, I was disappointed. And half of Tash’s plate was covered in overpowering herbs. 

The healthy brunch looked good but was not what we were craving, so we decided to give this restaurant another chance and ordered something sweet.

Myself – a white chocolate and rasperry donut with lemon curd filling 

Tash – a gluten free brownie

The desserts were awesome and we left feeling satisfied. 

If you’re into guilt free brunch, this is the place for you!


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