Happy Easter 🐰🐣

What a long weekend it has been! It was filled with hikes, chocolate, spiders and laughs. 

Here’s my summary of Easter 2017:

Good Friday

The sun was back, yay! In celebration Tash, Ben and I did a 10km coastal walk from Spit Bridge to Manly. The views were absolutely amazing and it made the walk unbelievably easy to do. Here’s some pictures of our hike: 


After our long walk we decided to spend the next day battling through the holiday panicked crowds. We went to Bondi junction to get the ingredients for our roast. Heavy bags in hand, we headed back to Coogee to Tash and Ben’s place to prepare for Easter. 

Tash wanted to bake a chocolate nest cake courtesy of the very lovely Nigella, but when the cake calls for whipped eggs whites and all we had was a smoothie maker, the recipe went out the window! Tash had a mini meltdown so I stepped in and we made our own recipe: 

  • 6 eggs
  • 300g dark chocolate 
  • 100ml oil
  • 50g butter
  • 200g coconut flour
  • 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 100g sugar 

Literally mix everything together and pop in the oven at 150 degrees for 20 minutes.

Once cooked, prick the cake all over with something sharp.

*Side Note* We had another issue, Nigella also wanted whipped cream for her icing, so here’s what we did instead: 

  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 100ml thick cream

Melt the two together over a Bain Marie until combined.

Then pour this mixture all around the cake so it seeps into the holes and covers the top.

Thinking on our feet paid off as the cake was a dense, silky, chocolate treat. 

As it was Easter we made the top look like a nest by crumbling up flakes and placing mini eggs in the middle.

After the cake stress we decided to go to Darling Harbour to watch the fireworks, only they weren’t on…

Nevetheless, we got some pretty pictures and had fun tourist watching:

As you know bad luck comes in threes, and our third one was waiting for us as we got home. Tash noticed a strange shadow as we were heading upstairs, we turned the light on and it was only a bloody huntsman spider! 

There were shrieks, shouting and swearing. After around 15 minutes we ran past it to safety but Tash worried constantly that it would come up and get us. So after a long long time of reassurance and bug spray we got to sleep. 

Easter Sunday

It felt like Christmas morning! Only we were hunting for eggs in our jammies this time. We had ‘secret Easter’ in which we spent $10 on treats and then hid them around the flat complete with clues on where to find them. Here’s the goods:

After that excitement, we decided to go for a walk around Coogee as the weather was exceptional once again. I may have made Tash and Ben roll Easter eggs too…

Once we came back, we were in roast mode! All hands were on deck and boy was it good!

We had:

  • Roast shoulder of lamb with garlic and rosemary
  • Stuffing 
  • Roast potatoes 
  • Gravy
  • Vegetables 
  • Yorkshire puddings 

It was devoured within seconds! 

We then played some board games and before we knew it, it was time for supper.

We had a smorgasbord of items; salad, crisps, fish cakes, cold meats and a cheese board.

After eating enough for a week, we sat back and watched an inspiring film. 

Easter had been a very successful holiday this year and I’ve still got a ton of chocolate to get through. 

Such a hard life…


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