Saturday in Sydney

Normally I’m working in the restaurant during the weekends but as the weather hasn’t been so kind to us recently, I managed to get a Saturday off! 

Usually I rise around 1pm and after chilling in bed, grabbing something to eat and eventually showering – I’m ready to conquer the day at around 4pm. However, today was different, I would be productive for once. 

I met up with Tash and we ventured to the Paddington Market along Oxford street:

It was a small but quaint market with many things to look at. There were stalls for; art, clothing, jewellery, baking, sweet treats and pop up restaurants. 

I wanted to buy so many of the treats available like; white chocolate and fruit bars, healthy pittas, gyozas and satay – but we had plans to go for dinner.

Everything was a little over priced so I enjoyed window shopping. Tash managed to find gluten free crusty bread which made her day (it’s the simple pleasures when you can’t eat gluten). 

As we were leaving the market, there was a cute wee fortune teller outside and I immediately queued up to be told of my success in the future, but at $30 for a small reading, I was content with not knowing. 

The effort of walking around a market for half an hour made Tash and I crave sugar, so we ended up sharing an ‘Insta Famous’ food/drink – the overloaded milkshake. This creation was from Coco Cubano in Darlinghurst. Here’s what was in this beauty:

  • Salted caramel milkshake 
  • Salted caramel drizzle 
  • Melted milk chocolate
  • Whipped cream 
  • Dark chocolate buttons 
  • Browni bites

Of course, I had to take a picture:

Excuse my French but it was fucking delightful. I even ate the chocolate on the outside of the glass. 

After this sugar high we walked into the city and took in the sights. We ended up in the World Square Food Centre and of course had to get dinner. We settled on Grill’d – a healthy burger joint and I of course had to get something different. My burger consisted of: a fried chicken breast in a blackened crumb, chipotle mayo, avocado and slaw:

I know it looks burnt but it did not taste like that, instead it had a smokey flavour and very crunchy texture which I loved. 

I really want to recreate this chicken patty and put it between the black buns I got from Juicy Lucy, to make an ultimate Halloween burger. 

After dinner, Tash headed home as she had a marathon to run in the morning and I went back to my old hostel in Kings Cross to drink with some friends (literally we couldn’t be more opposite). My friends and I eventually ended up in Newtown, after giving the uber driver a lot of abuse for taking forever to pick us up, and went into Websters. Here we are:

I had $10 left till pay day so savoured the one drink I could buy. We spent most of the night on the second floor listening to cheesy 80s songs as the people downstairs were all up themselves. We had a great night, even though a girl tried to start a fight with me (I did shove her because she was in my way) and it was the perfect way to say goodbye to my friend as she was travelling back to Ireland in a few days. 

The night was almost over but I of course needed one more weird scenario to end my night; I had to have the creepiest uber driver, didn’t I?! The whole journey he was complimenting my appearance (even though I felt like Eddy from Ab Fab at this point), he kept turning around to look directly at me WHILST DRIVING, he was asking for advice on how to date ‘a Scottish girl like me’ to which I offered the use of Tinder to him and finally he offered to give me his number to which I politely refused and ran out of the car. 

So ladies if you want a very polite, safe and non creepy man – just hop in an uber around Newtown and love could be awaiting! 


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