Lions and Tigers, and Steak, oh my!Β 

I’m starting to think that Tash and I are a couple as we meet up for ‘date night’ once a week…

This week we went for dinner and a movie in Randwick. 

1st Analysis: Dinner

Don’t even remember the name of the restaurant but it was a basic looking cafe style place. Once again, we were poor so couldn’t go all fancy unfortunately. Tash and I were ravenous so fancied steak and as we opened the menu, we were flabbergasted as to how cheap everything was! I could even afford a large glass of red wine to go with my meal! To put this into perspective, going out for a meal in Sydney will set you back $35-$45 dollars for literally one main course, that’s it. But in this fantastic place, I had: a huge hunk of steak, TRUFFLE infused mashed potato, veggies and a peppercorn/brandy sauce with a large glass of Merlot for *drumroll* $20!!!! I know it doesn’t sound like much but eating out is my thing and I’ve been very depressed at the cost of everything over here, so now that I’ve found a cheap but quality place I can finally eat out again! Here’s my very satisfying meal:

Doesn’t look the prettiest but it tasted damn good!!

2nd Analysis: The Movie

After our awesome meal, we headed to the Art Deco themed cinema called the Ritz:

And we decided that dessert had to be eaten that night. Tash and I both got ‘choc tops’ which are ice cream cones coated in magnum like chocolate (it cracks when you bite into it). We then found our seats in the vintage theatre, choc top in hand, ready to watch one of the Oscar nominated films this year – Lion. 

I won’t get into any spoilers but here’s my synopsis of the film; a young boy living in a poor town in the mountains of India, accidently is transported by train to Calcutta, whilst waiting for his brother to come back from a night shift. The boy then goes through a lot of hardship until he is put into an orphanage, and eventually adopted by a couple from Tasmania. Once he is fully grown, he has a yearning to find his family and home town. 

Now Dev Patel, plays Saroo the main character and before watching this film I always thought of him as that clumsy geek from skins. Geek no more! He’s turned into a hottie and is a great actor. 

All throughout the film, Tash was welling up as she passionately cares about disadvantaged children in dire situations. I thought that this film wouldn’t break me but oh no, the bloody end got me and the both of us were blubbering wrecks by the time the lights came on.

The film was a tug on the emotions but also a heartwarming tale. The fact that it’s a true story also made it shoot up in my ratings. 

Good food, great film and once again fantastic company.  


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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Oh you need to remember the restaurants you go to and write reviews on Tripadvisor! LOL. That way, others can search it up and have options of where a good place to eat can be!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great advice! I’m going back there tomorrow so I’ll for sure get the name and will write a review!

      Liked by 1 person

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