It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere!

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning, it was time for Tash and I to head to Hunter Valley to go wine tasting! 🍷🍷🍷

We woke up at 5am and headed into Bondi junction to start our 2 hour bus journey. Here we are looking fresh faced for so early in the morning:

We arrived at our first winery; McGuigan Wines, at around 10am. We were sat down in this cute wee makeshift barn surrounded by wine barrels:

The lady introduced herself to the group and started popping bottles straight away. I liked that woman as she was on the same mind frame as me, less yapping and more sipping! We drank a mixture of whites, reds and dessert wines – we tried 9 in total, it was fabulous. Tash and I let the wine get to our heads a little as we thought we were wine connoisseurs and began to rate each wine out of 10, here’s our very important critique of the wines:

And here we are looking very happy to be drinking so early and not be judged:

We finished our tasting session and then headed to the cheese shop next door (I spotted it as soon as I arrived). But on our way the driver told us we couldn’t go in as we were running behind schedule. You should have seen the look of disappointment in my face… 

Actually! *Flashback* back in Scotland, my friend Rachael asked me if I wanted to go to ikea with her after work one night. I said yes as I love pretending to be an interior designer. We arrived and immediately heard an Abba tribute band playing live. We thought that was weird so went to investigate, and were greeted by an ikea employee to which she explained that they were celebrating Swedish Midsummer and if we wanted to go to the Crayfish Party. Honestly those two words were heaven to me. Obviously I said yes but the lady then proceeded with ‘can I have your ticket please’. My heart sank, the greatest party ever was going on and I didn’t have bloody tickets to it! My friend literally pulled me away from the seafood joy and I was upset for the rest of the night, here’s some evidence:

So yeah I relived that moment again, which wasn’t fun. 

*Back to present* we unwillingly got back on the bus and headed to our second winery: Waverley Estate. Here it is:

This was our favourite winery of the day, because they: 

  • grew their own grapes
  • made their own wine
  • had a beautiful location:

  • had hilarious staff who took no shit from rude customers
  • did not have one single wine that tasted like pee

And if you look down in the left hand corner of the first picture of Waverley Estate, what do you see? That’s right! Cheese Gromit! The one place to cater to my other needs. Genuinely though the wine was fantastic there, we loved it so much we bought a bottle of rosΓ©:

Next stop was lunch and it was a place to carb up in preparation for the rest of the afternoon. We went to Matilda bay Brewhouse, a cute place for families and civilised hen/stag parties.

We both ordered pizza for lunch, Tash had a classic margarita and I went for tge spicy sausage option:

After we devoured our pizzas, we were on the road again to our fourth winery: Travertine Wines:

We were greeted by a very friendly dog, which gave the place extra bonus points! We drank more and even tried some new types of wine including; a sparkling red which was amazing and a Fiano white which Tash described as a non sparkling Schloer (I told you we were experts). 

By this point the group we were with were all a bit merry and a group of three couples started to dominate the group. Tash and I decided to make up nicknames for them to depict their true selves. So we had:

  • Moody bitch and hot guy (literally she hated the entire day and was such a cow, but her man’s arms though!)
  • Daddy long legs and normal guy (her legs were over half of her body, so jealous!)
  • Princess Fiona and Hedgehog (she needs no introduction and he was a short cocky guy with 90s spiked hair)
  • Vampire and RubΓ©n (they were an extra couple not with the main group but that girls fangs needed a nickname and her man just had a fabulous name we didn’t need to change it)

These were very judgemental I know but bear in mind we had around 30 different wines at this point so weren’t thinking straight. 

We arrived at our final winery; Macquariedale Organic Wines and were absolutely burst. It was a total shame as the owner was so charismatic and passionate, but we were all in a wine induced haze. Here’s the cute wee winery: 

We were educated on all the pesticides and chemicals used in normal wine making, which this winery ditched and managed to create a whole new flavour for themselves. One thing that shocked Tash and I was that we loved their Chardonnay, a wine which we consistently disliked that day.

Here we are taking more pics with red wine that I had to drink for the both of us (hard job but someone has to do it!)

We then headed to our final stop which I was most looking forward to; a chocolate and cheese shop!

We were told that there would be tastings and I couldn’t get there quick enough! However reality didn’t live up to my expectations…

It was so busy at these shops as every other tour decided to stop there at the same time. We were handed a little sample of four chocolates from the bus drivers!! And as for the cheese tasting! We literally ate five kinds of cheese in a jar. They tasted good but where was my Brie, Camembert and Gouda?! Here’s a pic of our basic tasting:

We wandered round each shop and managed to catch a glimpse of the goods before being rushed back to the van. Here they are:

Tash and I did manage to buy some souvenirs though! We bought: three novelty truffles (one for Ben too) a wombat filled with a chocolate mousse, a penguin with a peach ganache and a hedgehog with a hazelnut filling, truffle Brie from Tasmania and our lovely rosΓ© wine:

We were absolutely shattered after that day but had the best experience ever! Ben even cooked dinner for us when we got home which was the perfect ending to our very pampered day!


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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Sigh, we’ve not signed on a wine tour for a long time. Mel has been the driver of our own wine tours which leaves the sole passenger the taster!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw drinking alone is no fun! Get a wine tour booked for both of you, you won’t regret it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mel & Suan says:

        LOL. the doctor said to watch my drinking, so I am watching Suan drink!


      2. Haha fair enough! Can always have the cheese and chocolate lol

        Liked by 1 person

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