Valentine’s Day πŸ’•

Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t the best, but when you live in Sydney it’s an excuse to party! 

I went out to Coogee Pavillion for a singles event with my friend from work and her friend. Here we are in our glad rags:

The venue was filled with pink balloons, roses and a kissing booth! We danced, drank and then headed to get some smooches. However you had to pay $10 to get a kiss! So one girl participated and may have fallen in love with her partner. I eventually managed to pry her away from her new love and kept partying. 

The event finished so we headed to coogee bay hotel for some more drinks. One girl left by this point as she was too tired so we were down to two. 

I got absolutely smashed. I spewed in the toilets and was on the water. State I know. I lost my friend by this point so made friends with some Scottish girls. After half an hour I managed to locate her. She was playing pool with six Brazilian guys. She invited me over to play and from what I could gather in my drunken haze was that she really liked one of them, what I didn’t notice though was that his creepy friend took a liking to me. He followed me around like a bad smell but I just brushed it off. 

The night was drawing to a close and My friend offered me a ride home saying that the guy she liked lived my way and he could drop me off. Result! I was broke so a free ride was a welcome offer. We headed to the car and his bloody creepy friend was in the back seat waiting for me. The journey back home wasn’t far so I thought I could handle it. Oh no I couldn’t. He sat so close to me I was squished against the door, he felt me up the entire way and he was grabbing my face to try and kiss me. I was terrified at this point. I froze. The only thing that kept me going was that I’d be home soon. 

We then pull up at a random house and the car engine was turned off. My heart sank. All three of them said that I should come in for a few beers, and totally bring attention that they weren’t going to take me home. I knew she would go off with her guy and leave me with the creep. And I knew he would definitely try something on me. So I opened the door and ran to hide behind a tree.

*Flashback* a guy I had been seeing for a few months was texting me that night. He ended it a few weeks ago so I was giving him a tough time for trying to rekindle things on Valentine’s Day. 

In the middle of our argument I called him from behind my tree and asked for his help. He didn’t even think and hopped into an uber to come get me. I had no idea where I was, so thank god for iPhones and the ‘send your location’ feature. He eventually found me and I literally dived into the uber. The guy and the uber driver heard all about the drama as I was still mega drunk and full of adrenaline. 

We went back to mine and I finally managed to calm down. 

A very eventful Valentine’s Day to say the least; a single girls night out turned to running away from creepy horny men to ending the night with a valentine! 


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