Trying a New Kind of Bubble in my Drink

I’m a big fan of Instagram foods and drinks, not because I’m a sheep but instead I love the fact that there is always something slightly weird about them. For example, kombucha – the new hipster drink – you’d think it was just a fizzy fruit drink but no, it’s a fermented tea and I absolutely love it! 

So I took a trip to North Sydney one day and went to Chatswood. I noticed a heavy Asian influence there and saw the perfect opportunity to try Boba or Bubble Tea. It was a really hot day so I fancied something fruity; I went for passion fruit green tea with mango bubbles:

The tea was delicious, just what I needed! The bubbles weren’t the tastiest though as when you bit into them a very strong syrup exploded in your mouth. 

Next time I definitely want to try the original bubble tea which is black tea with milk and tapioca pearls.


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