Still Discovering…

So I’ve been in Australia over five months now and I’m still learning about the produce here. I love it!

The other day in work we received a parcel which contained finger limes. I had heard all about these and they’d finally arrived! They’re tiny little limes and when you open them the fruit looks like caviar: 

I, of course, had to try them and they were very tart but had a wild lime taste about them. Can’t really expand on that, so try some and you’ll see what I’m talking about! We’ll be using these in work in the next few weeks so I’ll show you what we do with them. 

The next discovery was in my own back garden! I went to hang up my washing and saw some overgrown plants. I had a further inspection and saw that they weren’t weeds but courgettes! Here’s the wee flower:

I have always wanted to try courgette flowers and have a few recipes in mind, so I’ll keep an eye out and see if these are actually edible.
Next up on my discovery trail was a simple trip to Coles. I went to the fruit section and came across these weird things:

The first image shows ‘longans’ which weren’t the prettiest and the second image is ‘rambutans’. I did some research and they’re both part of the lychee family, one is just a little more boring and the other is absolutely crazy. Much like my family! 
As I wondered around the supermarket I took in the sights, honestly I love how items are laid out here – take a look:

I obviously had no will power and may have succumbed to the seafood counter as I thought ‘treat yo self’ and spent a whole $3 on garlic prawns! 

So here’s my lavish dinner from today’s shop:

I made garlic prawns on a bed of kale and avocado with a kewpie drizzle. 

It’ll be back to tuna pasta tomorrow though, yay…


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