Chinese New Year

January 28th brought in a second new year for me, this time a rooster was involved! 

I’m of course talking about Chinese New Year. I usually never celebrate this festival but this year was different, as one of my colleagues at Poke is from Malaysia. She was educating the team on what the rooster means; a person who is confident, honest but not the best in social situations and she told us some traditional treats that they eat at that time. Work was a little quiet, so the manager came up with the brilliant idea to make some Chinese treats! That’s what I love about working with poke, we make new things all the time. 

After three hours, the intricate treats were ready! Here they are:

They are called Huang li bing which means pineapple tart. I’m not going to lie, I only participated in the eating of these so will not be able to provide a recipe. But anyways, they were absolutely delicious!! The pastry was so crumbly and it just dissolved in your mouth, then as you bite into the centre you get a burst of sweet and tangy pineapple jam.

I’ve honestly eaten like ten of them, they were delicious!

I feel I have learned a lot about this culture and want to keep going! 



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