Australia Day


January 26th is Australia Day, and it’s a time to drink and eat! 

As usual, the hosts with the most, Tash and Ben put on an awesome spread! Ben was on barbecue duty, whilst Tash, her friend and I sat back and drank. 

Here’s Ben looking very Aussie:

We started off with a cheese board that I happily dived into:

Unfortunately Tash may have forgotten for a split second that she’s lacto free and may have had a turn later on in the afternoon. 

Then we had the usual barbecue foods; burgers and sausages – but there was one exception, these bad boys:

They were very lean and gamey, which I loved but there was an after taste that left me on the fence. So I’ll have to eat more soon šŸ˜œ

Here’s a photo of the spread: 

After the Barbie we carried on drinking and chatting. We even turned pictionary into a drinking game!

Here we all are with full bellies and feeling very merry:

At around 9pm I left my fabulous hosts and met up with a friend from work, a Finnish girl called Jenna, to go out out!

Us two and her other Finnish friend planned to go to Coogee Bay Hotel for a girly evening but somehow Jenna’s creepy friend decided to come too.

Here we are, without the creepy guy, getting the basic bitch toilet group photo:

We drank all night, chatted up some lads, ran away from the creep and minesweeped the place (honestly sydney is so expensive). Then I went home and spewed everywhere, classy I know.

It was a great day and night, but I definitely paid for it over the next few days. 



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