Broke and Hungry

So Christmas and New Year were over once again, however I didn’t feel that emptiness I usually felt after the magic of the festive period ended. After all, it was summer! The only thing I did feel the bitter sting of was being bloody broke! Back home I was used to holiday pay but when you work as a waitress part time and the restaurant is closed for over a week, you don’t get paid! I could have tried to find work during that time but I literally had the time of my life during the holidays and I’m glad I didn’t sacrifice that.

The first two weeks in January were hell, I couldn’t pay rent (luckily my landlord was understanding) and I had no money in my bank account. So my life consisted of working long shifts, eating super noodles and sleeping. I knew it was only for a short period so it kept me going. 

Another thing that kept me going was good old Tasha! She was my social aspect when I felt like a complete hermit crab. 

My first visit in the new year was to her place in coogee as my Brazilian housemates were not happy with me when they got back from their holidays. I may have not cleaned the flat as much as I should have…. So she invited me over to hers as I felt so awkward in my place. Her lovely boyfriend Ben cooked us up some burgers and chips, followed by some strawberries and chocolate mousse supplied by myself. We ended the night with a movie and I headed back home.

I kept my head down for the next few days and then eventually cleared the air with my flat mates as it was a huge miscommunication between both of us. So things were starting to get better but I was still poor and so so hungry. Then Tash decided to come visit me in maroubra, so I took her to a tapas restaurant. With what money I did have (courtesy of my lovely mum), I couldn’t afford the actual tapas! So instead I went for a squid ink pasta dish with: garlic, tomatoes, king prawns, mussels and calamari – with a cheeky glass of Merlot too. Tash went for BBQ ribs and potatoe wedges as the prices were high for her too.

Here’s a pic of my first proper meal in weeks:

My third visit with Tash was to celebrate her upcoming 25th birthday and we spent the day in the city. She took me to a place near Central station called In Cafe where we got a massive burger and chips and a glass of wine for $14!!! That’s bloody unheard of in Sydney! Then we went to Luna Park to release our inner kids. 

Here’s us in Luna Park enjoying a multicoloured ice cream (that was just vanilla flavoured):

Here’s some more pics of the very strange theme park:

After not going on any of the rides as it was, once again, too expensive – we headed back to her place in coogee. There we are some more! This time it was Kalua pulled pork which I had supplied from my work and Tash accompanied with her egg fried rice, and then we had chocolate lava cake with strawberries to finish. Safe to say Tash and Ben know how to feed their guests! Before I left theirs Tash and I were discussing what’s on our bucket lists for Sydney and I mentioned wine tasting in Hunter Valley. Well, the next thing we knew it – it was booked! So on February 26th we’re going to drink tons of wine and eat mountains of cheese. Cannot. Bloody. Wait.

The dreaded two weeks were then over and I had money again, unfortunately I owed so much money to people I was broke again after I paid them back. So before I completely ran out of dosh I headed to the local woolies to buy something other than noodles! I spent a whole $40 on food that would keep me going for a while. With this new food, I decided to treated myself to a fancy Sunday lunch. I made pesto gnocchi with avo, cheddar cheese and bacon. Here’s the dish:

It was delicious! However I couldn’t finish it all, so it’s back in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch. 

I’m slowly getting back on track after Christmas crippled me financially but, I must say, I’ve loved being thrifty with my food. 

Gotta love a challenge! 


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