New Year’s Day

After a fantastic night, we were up bright and early (Tash cannot sleep in to save herself) ready to enjoy New Year’s Day! 

Ben was the saviour this time and cooked us a full fry up, consisting of:

  • Bacon
  • Sausages 
  • Hash browns 
  • Toast

It was the best thing for a hangover. We all facetimed our families and relaxed after our heavy night. 

The group of us from the night before decided to leave Tash and Ben alone for a bit since they have been non stop hosts. So we headed to Coogee Beach! 

I thought we were just going to sit on the sand and chill but no, the guys were like we’re going to the rocks and jumping in! I had just met these guys and wanted to look cool, so went for it! 

Now picture this: me with four guys, swimming in freezing water, needing help to climb the rocks and, most importantly, all of this was in my UNDERWEAR. I was not prepared for a hungover beach day and going for a swim sounded like the perfect hangover cure. So really I had no choice…

Nevertheless I powered through my embarrassment and had an amazing time! Here are some photos of where we swam (not taken by me):

We all then headed for the beach and had a lay down. It was so nice chatting to new people; learning about who we were back home and what we have done out here. We sipped on some sodas from McDonald’s and chilled under the sun, no wait clouds. It’s not always sunny in Austrailia apparently.

Then me and the guys did a shop in Woolies; I got sad groceries like tuna and toothpaste and the others got fun stuff like crisps and chocolate (I can’t afford those luxuries). After our shop, it was time to say goodbye and me and my new friends went our separate ways. 

I hobbled home, still sore from the two hour walk the night before, and had a nap. I woke up ravenous and could have really gone for a steak pie dinner; its traditional to have that on New Year’s Day in Scotland. Here’s my family last year chowing down to this fantastic meal:

However, I was too poor to make that lovely dinner. Instead I had tuna pasta with avocado (I think I’m a student again). I didn’t take this photo either but just wanted to give you the jist:

After my dinner, I chilled for the rest of the evening and couldn’t help smiling when reminiscing over the last two weeks of celebrations. 
I absolutely love Australia and cannot wait to see what else is in store!


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