Happy New Year!

2017 was fast approaching, I had caught up on my sleep, eaten and showered – so I was ready to party again. Literally felt like a Sim and all my needs were fully green. 

I got all dressed up and headed to meet my old pal Tasha. I wish I hadn’t made myself all fancy though because we had to sprint halfway across Coogee for the bloody bus! 

We managed to make it, even though I now looked like a sweaty mess and I got to meet some new friends. It was two more guys (Jonnie, English and Iain, Canadian) who were friends with James, the English guy and Walter, the Dutch guy who I had spent Christmas with. I decided to pass out snacks for the bus ride, my homemade Scottish tablet, as I felt everyone needed some sugar. 

After the bus, it was a train to Milson’s Point in the city. A few folk got caught carrying drugs by sniffer dogs on the way, which was entertaining. 

We made it past the crowds and got to our destination; Lavender Bay, which was surprisingly quiet. We got all comfy in the park and tucked into a wee picnic, lovingly prepared by the best hosts ever – Tash and Ben. We had:

  • Sausage rolls 
  • Spring rolls
  • Chicken kebabs 
  • Pizza

Perfect food to have for New Years just before the drink. 

We laughed, talked and drank (slyly because the police were bloody patrolling the area).

Then it was time for the fireworks! 

Honestly best thing I’ve ever seen. I was with great company, didn’t spend a penny, was very merry and even got a cheeky New Years kiss thanks to Tasha aka Cilla Black.

Here we are by the Harbour bridge:

We then continued to drink, dance and celebrate. You can tell we had fun as these photos were captured:

No idea where that hat came from…

As the park started to empty we decided to head home. The journey only took us TWO HOURS!! There were heels off, complaining and chafing involved – however we did walk across the harbour bridge and the view was spectacular:

After a long wait for the bus we finally made it back to Coogee and went straight to bed as we were pooped. 

I don’t care about the effort it was to get home, I had the best New Year ever. 


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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    You know, the best things in life are actually free and they do not happen to be worldly possessions. They are memories and experiences you have with loved ones and friends!


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