Gold Coast Baby!

So Christmas was over and I had some time on my hands, so I decided to travel up the Gold Coast! 

After a long 18 hour bus journey (I hate flying so will take any alternative) I arrived in Surfers Paradise. The place was like Miami, it was so cool! I met up with a familiar face when I was there…

It was awesome seeing Kat again and hearing how her life in Brisbane was. We spent the night in surfers with a bottle of wine on the beach. It was perfect. 

The next day we went for a fancy brekkie and I of course had to order eggs benedict with a side of avocado (literally if it’s on the menu I’ll order it, not matter what time of day it is). Here she is:

And here’s a close up of the most important part, the avo:

It was devoured, along with my iced latte (that came with a dollop of ice cream? Not complaining though) :

We then headed on our way to meet Kat’s friend in Palm Beach. 

Once we got there we hit the beach and then went for food. It was just a simple pub so I had an Aussie burger (no photo as it wasn’t that pretty). We then got all dressed up and headed out to Surfers Paradise. 

Here we are:

We went to a Brazilian bar and danced all night long, it was fantastic! 

Next day, we woke up hungover AF and immediately went for a subway. I got an Italian BMT with avo, olives, gherkins and southwest sauce. Then it was off to Byron Bay! (We had to leave swiftly as one of the beds collapsed in our air bnb) 

Kat went back up to Brisbane so I headed to Byron with Charnel (Kat’s friend) and her friend Corina. I was all excited until the girls said that they weren’t going directly to Byron Bay as they were going to the falls festival, so I was dropped on the highway. I took it in my stride though and walked along the road, and after 30 minutes, made it to Byron!

The place was so cool, such a relaxed vibe. I spent the day on the beach:

Then walked around the town before I got my bus back to Sydney:

By then, I had run out of money (surprise I know) so my dinner consisted of $1 rice crackers from woolies and you don’t need a pic of that.

After 15 hours on the most uncomfortable train ever, I made it back to Sydney just in time for New Years!

As I got halfway home I stopped in Bondi junction and went for a cheeky breakfast (that I really couldn’t afford), it had:

  • Chorizo
  • Poached eggs
  • Sautéed mushrooms 
  • Avocado
  • Bacon
  • Hash browns

Once that was downed, it was back on the bus to maroubra and straight to bed so I had enough energy for Hogmany!


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