Feliz Natal!

So finally Christmas Eve had arrived! I’d been working so hard in the restaurant so I could finally relax and enjoy the holidays.

After a busy lunch service and sweat inducing cleaning, we were closed and ready to party.

Myself, my two colleagues and one of their husbands headed on our way to another Brazilian fiesta.

We were greeted by a whole houseful and began migling. I learned more about the Brazilian community here in Australia and how close they are. I even found out they knew my roommates and my friends roommates in Brisbane. 

After many drinks and conversations, it was finally time to eat! 

We all sat down to a beautifully decorated table and tucked in.

I don’t know any of the names of the dishes we ate but I can describe them:

  • Salted beef with a cheese sauce
  • Chicken, peas, corn, olives, onions, mayo and a topping of crushed crisps
  • Slow roasted ribs with a BBQ sauce
  • Spicy sausages, olives, peppers in breadcrumbs
  • Salad with cherries, radishes and strawberries

Here’s the food:

It was amazing! I absolutely loved the meat; Brazilians really do know how to cook!

Then we had dessert (it is Christmas after all):

  • Chocolate cake
  • A pudding made of white and milk chocolate, condensed milk, sugar and sprinkles
  • A syrup infused flan
  • Scottish shortbread and table made by yours truly 😜

I didn’t get a pic of the desserts as I was too into the food by that time! 

All in all it was an amazing evening with old and new friends, great food, booze and some samba. The best way to spend Christmas Eve!


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