Mmmm Chocolate


I have a degree in Events Management and nothing gets me excited more than a few days of hype for a certain cause, so when I heard that there was a festival down The Rocks in Sydney celebrating CHOCOLATE, I had to go! 

Me, my friend Katherine and our hostel roomie Alex all went to this glorious event. As we entered, we were given a handful of Lindt chocolates, which was the perfect way to start the day! We wandered around the many stalls taking in the sights and tantalising aromas, when we were stopped by a donut stall. Note: as you know I’m obsessed with seafood, so think of donuts as the sweet equivalent of this. 

Just look at these beauties:

Of course I had to go for the most expensive donut, in fact it was a cronut (a hybrid between a croissant and a donut) ladened with salted caramel sauce and garnished with caramel popcorn. Here is a close up of this queen:


What can I say, she was perfect; sweet, salty, creamy and crunchy! Unfortunately I couldn’t finish this all to myself as the Aussies love a big portion, so my trustful friends came in to help. 

We then wandered around and took in more sights: 

Then as we got to the end of the strip, we noticed that there was a stage – which meant something exciting was going to happen! 

Turns out it was Ali from TV’s Zumbo’s Just Desserts making, you guessed it, a dessert. The three of us got prime seats (on a concrete bench outside of the venue as we didn’t have tickets) and watched in awe. After Ali finished making the pudding we went stealth and snuck in to get a sample. We were successful and ate one of the best sweets ever! Ali made chocolate spheres with peanut caramel and passionfruit cream, I mean just look at it:

It was the perfect balance of sweet, crunchy, salty and sour. I was in heaven! 

After that, the three of us were all chocolated out so we headed back to the hostel. 

All in all, it was a fantastic day and the treats I tried were to die for!

Hope you enjoyed this and you’re starting to love food with Lucy!! 


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