I Found a job, or two! 

Hey all!

Within two weeks of being back in Sydney, I had managed to secure two jobs! 

The first was an Events Coordinator for Achmea Australia (a company that provides insurance to farmers) down in Darling Harbour. My role was to facilitate the design and build of a stand for our company, so they could be present at the Rabobank Farm2Fork event. 

The second was in a Hawaiian Restaurant called Poke, situated in Coogee. My role here was to prepare the food, serve the food and clean up – basically be an all rounder. I had never had Poke before, it’s a sashimi grade fish salad, and boy I had been missing out! Each day the restaurant serves different pokes, such as:

  • Ahi tuna with macadamia nuts and a shoyu dressing
  • Salmon with spinach and a lime aioli 
  • Kingfish with sesame oil and seaweed
  • Crab with a wasabi mayonnaise and avo
  • Hoki cured in lemon juice with coconut milk and cucumber 

I’ve literally tried them all and get excited when a new one is being made up. 
Each of the pokes gets served with a choice of sides e.g. Edamame, kimchi, seaweed and broccoli. Then organic black rice is added to the bowl. Here is what I had for lunch today:

I love learning about new ingredients, and this job will definitely open my eyes to new ideas so watch this space! 


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