Farm2Fork Event


It was time! All the hard work for the last 5 weeks had all built up to this moment, the Farm2Fork event sponsored by Rabobank. 
This event was a place for all contributors to the food and agricultural industries to come together and celebrate all that they have done.
I had spent the night before and the whole morning setting up our massive ‘farm shed’ stand, and here is the final product:

The event was so successful, all thanks to this baby! We had a smoke machine in the hay bales so everyone thought it was on fire:

The team I worked with generated so much interest in the company, which made the CEO very happy for the rest of the day! 
There were a few celebrities at the event; we had The Dutch Royals who I managed to get a sneaky pic of as they walked past me:

And there was this year’s winner of MasterChef Australia, Elena, who I was lucky enough to meet:

The day consisted of speeches, networking, showcasing, eating and drinking. My favourite stall was a new business selling seaweed tagliatelle, this stuff had no carbs in it at all! 
As the event drew to a close we were all taken outside to an area filled with food and drink trucks, and a live band. 
Here is my team enjoying the free food:

Once again, I was far too hungry to take any photos so here is what was served at the event (they were all in small portions so you could try them all, which I obviously did):

  • Pork dumplings
  • Fish tacos
  • Lamb with tzatziki
  • New Hampshire crab cakes
  • Thai sticky chicken
  • Bread and olives
  • Freshly shucked oysters
  • Kanafe (a Persian version of creme brulee) 
  • Baked apple with Parmesan cheese and gingerbread (made by Elena from MasterChef)

It was a fantastic event, the food and the people made it extra special. I’m so glad I was part of it!


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